BC Racing’s Racer Support Program

BC Racing has joined the Club Loose Family! A lot of us has had BC Racing stuff on our cars and we love it. So it’s really rad that they’re joining the team and helping to support us and all of our drivers.

Details for the BC Racing Racer Support Program are below.

Racer Support Program

BC Racing will Provide:

  • (1) custom tailored BR type suspension setup plus 4 additional springs.
  • (1) BC Racing Racer Program Specific Sticker – (To Be Created )
  • (2) BC Racing 2”x6” decals
  • (1) BC Racing 2014 graphic t-shirt
  • (2) BC Racing Lanyards
  • Driver Requirements:

  • Must be a rad dude who drives at Club Loose events
  • Logo placement on the car for event use. Minimum of 2, 2X6″ supplied decals and the BC Racer Program decal 4X4″
  • Photo’s and/or video of installation of our product uploaded on 2 forums with links emailed.
  • Facebook tags when BC product is exhibited (2 per term)
  • Our branding included on press releases, websites, videos and media releases as a sponsor
  • Install photos & Vehicle photos after installation sent to BC Racing media department. Minimum of 6 high quality images.
  • To get in on the deal, you will be dealing directly with Cody at BC. His email is cody@bcracing-na.com. Put “Club Loose and BC Racing do 2015” in the subject. Make sure to send him pictures of you driving at Club Loose events so that he can confirm that you are a Club Loose Driver. If you’re new to Club Loose for this year, then copy us (clubloose@gmail.com) on the email and include some pictures of your build and notes on which events you will be driving this year. We don’t want to make new dudes wait until they drive one event to take advantage of this deal but it is part of the contract that everyone is a Club Loose Driver. So the more info that you can provide, the better.

    Also make sure to include what car you’re driving and, if needed, any special instructions on how you want things set up. Cody and the dudes at BC Racing will work with you to get their BR type suspension built just the way you need it. There will be a personal contract that you will have to sign so that the requirements of both parties are clear and understood.

    We cannot publicly post pricing because it’s that awesome. It’s a good bit cheaper than anything that I have found online so you guys will be getting one hell of a deal on these things.

    Any questions contact us or Cody and we will take care of you. Now you guys have no excuse for not having a good suspension on your cars.