Clinic Add-on

This is a hidden page that you should only be seeing after you register for the Beginner Clinic on October 13th.

If you are here by accident or for any reason other than you just registered for the clinic, any payment sent through this page will be considered a donation to our favorite animal shelter.

Use the drop down below to pick which days, if any, you want to add to your clinic purchase. This will be a separate transaction through Paypal. The options available are at a discounted rate when packaged with your clinic registration.

Add Friday Night Drift Party and Something Moves (10/11-10/12) – $140
Add Friday Night Drift Party Only (10/11) – $50
Add Something Moves Only (10/12) – $105

Days to Add

Make sure to include all required information. Registration is open from now until Thursday, October 10th at midnight. Any issues with payment email Club Loose.