EAST COAST BASH 2010 – May 29-30

I don’t think this event needs much of an explanation.

It’s going to be pretty sweet. As I’m sure you’re reading, we’re working on a lot of awesome stuff for this event. I mean we’re going to have a bar at the track. Does anything else really matter? I mean there will be some drifting and some pretty awesome dudes will be coming out for it. So I guess that’s kind of alright. But it’s no bar.

Anyway, it’s open to A and B group only.

$260 to drive. Paypal is clubloose@gmail.com. It’s for both days. There will be tons of seat time. And lots of time to party.

Registration is open from now until Midnight on Sunday May 23. If you don’t pay by then, you won’t be able to drive.

So get the cars finished, make them look cool and get ready to party. I think this is going to be one of those things you don’t want to miss.

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