MISHIMOTO Loves Club Loose, 2010 keeps gettin better!

Just when you thought East Coast Bash couldn’t get any better, Mishimoto comes on board to support the event and Club Loose drivers.

Mishimoto recently started the “mishimoto loves drifters” program to support grass roots drivers in the USA. Where better to unleash this program than with the most insane grassroots drift event in the country. To celebrate this partnership Mishimoto is giving away one of its awesome radiators at ECB to one lucky driver who was “killin it”. The driver will receive a coupon for an all aluminum racing radiator for his application! This event just keeps getting better and better.

So check out www.mishimoto.com and make sure they make a radiator for your car! (I’m sure they do, they make tons!) Get signed up for ECB and strut your stuff. You might go home a winner!