ECB Posters and Shirts For Sale!

Just in case you missed them at ECB or didn’t have cash or didn’t want to risk getting this stuff dirty, we’ve got ECB posters and shirts still for sale. We’ve also got the “Go Drifting or Go to Hell!” Club Loose shirts.

The ECB Flyer Posters are 18″x24″ and printed on 14pt card stock. These things came out awesome. These are posters you can frame and hang in your house (I am) not something you just staple up in the garage, but you can do either. I’m just saying the quality is awesome and the design is amazing (thanks again JT).

ECB Poster

Posters are $20 shipped.

We also have ECB shirts. They have a part of the ECB Flyer on the front and some words and stuff on the back. It also says Club Loose on the sleeve. They’re sweet.

ECB Shirt Front

ECB Shirt Back

ECB Shirts are $20 shipped.
We only have M, L and XL left.

And finally Club Loose Shirts. We had a limited run of these printed at the beginning of the season and got a bigger run printed for ECB. They have Club Loose written on the front all fancy like and they say “Go Drifting or Go to Hell!” on the back. Also pretty awesome.

CL Shirt Front

CL Shirt Back

CL Shirt Close Up

$17 shipped for Club Loose Shirts.
We have S, M, L and XL.

All payments can be sent to Just make sure to tell me what you want and where to ship it to.

Also, if you buy any 2 items, you’ll get a special gift with your purchase. I would tell you what it is but that would ruin the surprise.

Remember, the sooner all of these are sold, the sooner we can get more sweet stuff made.