Little bit of an update

So it’s been a little while since we posted anything on here. There were a couple weeks without drifting and then it all hit pretty hard again.

We had a Night Moves event last week, Summer moves this past Saturday and now the Advanced Clinic this Wednesday and XDC this weekend.

Night Moves was alright. It was the first time we brought out the new Club Loose Mobile Driver’s Lounge/Party Bus. There’s a couple pictures of it floating around.

Here’s one. There might be more somewhere. The snap on logos are going, just haven’t had time for it yet.

Night Moves was a decent event. Would have been nice if we had more drivers, but things went pretty well.

Summer Moves was a couple days later. It was a beautiful day.

There was some driving.

Miro doing things.

Brian Hop’s car, but who knows who’s driving it. It seemed like everyone had a go in it on Saturday.

All in all a pretty good day. Keep an eye on the Loose Moves Gallery and the Media section on the forum for more pictures and videos.

And now more this week. If you haven’t heard Tony Angelo and Ryan Tuerck are coming to E-town to put on an Advanced Clinic for us. Just for A group dudes. Includes tandem instruction, classroom stuff, lunch and tons of seat time.

There’s still a couple spots left, so if you want to register, you need to do it now.

So after a couple weeks off, we’re back at it. See you guys at the track.