FREEDOM MOVES!! September 11/12 Night Drifting!! Trackside Bar!! 2 days of Drifting!!!

So it’s just about time for the last road course event of the year at E-town (Haunted moves was cancelled and we’re now doing something at VIR that weekend).

Anyway. Freedom Moves.
September 11th and 12th.
$260 to drive both days. $160 to drive one day.
Paypal to
Open to all groups.

Saturday we will be starting later and going later. Gates will open at noon. And we will be driving until 10pm. The lights and generators and everything is already ordered.

Sunday will start when we wake up. So we’ll shoot for 10am but it will probably be a little later. And it will end at 6pm.

The Bar will be trackside for this event. Booze will start shortly after driving kicks off. It will be a party, so bring all your friends.

Also, if you guys haven’t been to the last events, we’re doing a little contest for Freedom Moves. We have tons of the postcard flyers with the season flyer on it and we’ve been giving them out to all the drivers at Hot Moves and at the last Night Moves.
So here’s the deal.
1. Get the cards if you don’t already have them. I gave a bunch to Nick at Elite and Matt will have a bunch at R/T so you can go to either of those places to get more.
2. Write your name on each of the cards. Make sure it’s legible. If I can’t read it, it won’t count.
3. Give them to friends/family/anyone that you know/random people on the street/hookers/cops/class mates/co-workers/etc.
4. Tell them that when they come to spectate at Freedom Moves, they should give them to the person at the gate collecting the money.
5. After Freedom Moves, whoever has the most cards turned in with their name on them, get their money back for the weekend. So you get Free drifting.

Basically, you give cards to lots of people and they come and hang out and if you have the most people coming, you get to drive for FREE.

We still have a lot more cards. Most of them will probably be at R/T, so when you’re getting your car aligned or tuned or whatever to get ready for the event, make sure to get Matt to give you some if you need more.

That’s pretty much it. Flyer to come. Spread the word, let’s send the season off with a bang.