End of the year Clinic! 11/13/10

So we were able to schedule a clinic for the end of the year. The clinic will be open to all drivers.

$150 to drive – paypal to clubloose@gmail.com.
9am – 5pm
We’ll have lunch.
Car NEEDS to have a working e-brake (you won’t drive if you don’t have one and no refunds for this). Coilovers highly recommended. Make sure the car has a passenger seat as well.

We need 25 dudes to sign up to make this happen. It’s also capped at 25.

This is a great opportunity to work on some of the things you were struggling with this year or try new things or figure out what your car really needs to have done to it during the off season. We’ll have some instructors and we’ll be working on all kinds of stuff.

So Clinic, on a saturday, on the road course, it should be pretty good.