Gates open at 9, I would suggest being here before that so you can get in and we can park you and you can get to tech.

Driver’s meeting is MANDATORY. No exceptions. You will not be allowed on track if you aren’t there. It will be at 10AM on the bleachers.

Come with tires mounted. Tire machine will not last all week if people show up with nothing mounted. And you will miss track time which is dumb. Tire machine probably won’t even be set up until mid afternoon, so if you show up with nothing, you’re screwed.

Pack as much shit in your car as you can. Unless your car is on a trailer, no trucks/cars/anything will be allowed in the gates. There’s just no room. So pack it tight before you come up to check in. We will make you pack your car outside the gate. Sorry but with this many people we have no choice.

I think that’s it. Let’s Party!