Free Stuff for Free!

In honor of Club Loose’s 10th season of drifting, we are giving away 10 free drift events for 2012.  But here’s the catch, we need to hit 5,000 likes on our Facebook page before this will happen.  The top 10 referrers when we hit 5,000 will win one day each.

So it’s really easy to make this happen.  If you’re already a fan of Club Loose, you just need to share this and get your friends and family and even your weird “Facebook” friends.  After you are a fan, go to the poll and vote for the person that referred you.  If they aren’t already on the list, then write them in.  This is the only way that they will get credit.  If a bunch of your friends shared this with you, then just pick the one you like the best.

Top 10 dudes on the official Poll on our Facebook page will get a free day of drifting.  If there’s a tie or something for the 10th spot, there will be a trivia question or something to keep it limited to 10.

As an added bonus, for every 500 new likes on the page, we will pick 2 people at random to get some Club Loose swag.  We’ve got ECB Posters, a few shirts and maybe even some vinyl left over.  So as the likes grow, we will be picking winners for this stuff too.

So get out there and share this shit.  This is your chance to get on track just for hanging out on Facebook.

Love,  Club Loose