NEXEN and Club Loose together for 2012!

Club Loose is excited to announce that Nexen will be supporting all of our drivers for the 2012 season.

Nexen is offering great pricing on their tires.  Many different sizes are available and will be in stock and ready for us to burn up.  Nexen are great tires, they have good grip and seem to last forever.  I know a lot of Club Loose dudes have used them in the past few years and know how great they are for our events.

The tires will be ordered through Allen Rubber in Philly.  Online ordering is available.  They will be available for pickup at Allen or to be shipped to E-town for pickup the day of each event.

All drivers should head over to the forum to check out the ordering information.  Now you guys can go and order your tires for Spring Moves!

For more information on Nexen, visit