Go Drifting or Go To Hell

So we were talking a couple months ago about our Loose Moves live blog. Sometimes we have trouble remembering to post stuff to it while we’re working and at the track. We said “Wouldn’t it be great if we had more people that could post up rad stuff that they’re doing without having to look through Instagram and Facebook all the time?”. So we made a new site just for that.

Introducing Go Drifting or Go to Hell!. All you dudes need to do is tag your instagram posts with #godrifting and whatever other tags you want. Then the internet takes them, adds all your tags to the post and puts them up on the site. It’s mega easy and should make for a rad collection of all the stuff that you guys are doing. Another thing we wanted it to do was group the posts based on your other tags. So you tag it #clubloose, it will group it with all the other Club Loose tagged posts.

Originally we thought it would be cool just to have for Club Loose dudes. But I was talking with Edgar over at Drift Indy/MDU and he was way into the idea. So we’re going to pushing this out to everyone everywhere.

Since the site just launched, we don’t have anything on there yet. But once everyone starts tagging their posts #godrifting it should get awesome pretty quick.

So let’s get things started this weekend!