Alright guys, hopefully all of you are ready and loaded up for East Coast Bash tomorrow.

We have a ton of drivers signed up for the weekend and it’s going to be slow getting through the gate tomorrow morning so we are opening things up tonight for you guys to drop your stuff off at the track.

– Gate will be open from 5pm until 10pm.
– You can drop your car and trailer which will help speed up registration check-in in the morning.
– You cannot camp here tonight.
– You cannot hang out here and bug us, we are working and need to get shit done.
– You cannot camp here tonight.
– Don’t bring extra people with you. If you’re friends are in the truck with you, that’s fine but don’t bring a line of cars to watch you drop off your trailer. They will be watching from outside the fence.

You show up, you tell the person at the gate your name, our guys will tell you where to park, you drop your stuff and then you leave. It’s simple and easy and will make things so much better tomorrow morning.

Space is going to be at a premium this weekend so you guys will have your choice of having your truck or trailer in the pits with you.

If you don’t come tonight to drop off, gates open at 7AM on Saturday and you need to be at the Driver’s Meeting at 10AM or you won’t be making it out on track.

One more thing, when you get to the track, you need to have your overnight people with you. If you’re old lady isn’t coming until later, you will need to meet her at the gate to check her in. No overnight wristbands will be given to spectators without the driver present. And you only get 2.

Any questions or problems, email clubloose@gmail.com. But if you are thinking about asking about the weather, fuck you.