It’s like an off season for the off season…Winter Thaw at E-town

E-town looks so lonely without us. We miss it. It misses us. And now we have a way to get together again before the season officially starts.

Here’s what we are doing. When a warm weekend happens in late January/February/Early March, we are going to the track. We will give everyone as much notice as possible but it might not be more than a few days. You guys just need to be ready. And then we will have a full day of drifting and party for a little and it will be awesome.

Registration is open now. It’s only $75 for the whole day. Use the paypal button below. Make sure to use an email that you check to register or include a valid email in the notes to seller. We will send out an email to everyone who registered when we get a date.

Update: 3/3/14 – Registration is closed. Mother nature screwed up this year and we couldn’t get a date in time. All registrations will be moved to the first event.

If we never get the weekend that we need, your registration will be transferred to the first event of the year. That means you get to drive the Season Opener for less than half price. But that will only happen if we can’t make this happen.

Otherwise, registration for this event can be cancelled and payment refunded until 48 hours before the event. Notice must be sent to Don’t send a facebook message or a text to a number you think is the right one because it’s not. Just send an email. After that time, if no notification is sent to, your registration payment is considered forfeited and will not be refunded or credited.

Schedule will follow a normal Saturday event schedule.
Gates at 8AM.
Driver’s meeting 10AM.
Drive from 10ish until around 6PM.

Use the 2013 rulebook for now. There will be a few changes for 2014 but none should be major.

So remember, this is a floating date, we don’t know when it will be yet. But when we find out, it will only be a few days notice. So get your cars together and get ready for this.

Remember, keep the cars simple. Take the time to do preventative maintenance, fix what’s broken, do what you need to make it better, but don’t bench build some nightmare that you won’t drive until 2016.

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Or check us out on instagram @clubloose. And remember to tag your photos #godrifting, it helps make the winter go quicker.

Any questions, comments, concerns, email us at