Opening Moves and Intermediate Clinic Redo

Finally! Opening Moves plus Intermediate Clinic!!!
June 6-7, 2020
Englishtown Raceway Park

It’s been a long and annoying road to get here but we’re going back to Raceway Park.  Hopefully everyone and their families are doing OK.  And hopefully, you guys are as ready to get back as I am.    

Due to current executive order regulations, we are doing this one a lot differently than we ever have before.  There will be 25 spots available per group.  And each group will have a separate time of the day that they will be able to come to the track and drive.  This should get more drivers out on track throughout the day while everyone getting the same or seat time that they would at an event with a normal schedule.

C Group – 10AM – 1PM
B Group – 1:30PM – 4:30PM
A Group – 5PM-8PM

Spectators will not be able to attend this one. But each driver is allowed to bring up to 3 crew members.  This means your old lady, your dad, your buddy from high school, etc.  Anyone you bring is considered crew.  Each crew is $20 and must be pre-paid.  The crew people would need to come to the track with you and leave when your time is up.  

We were also able to reschedule the Intermediate Clinic for Sunday. This is for B group only. A lot of B group dudes are almost ready for A and we want to get you past that point. We’ve got a lot planned for you guys. IF YOU WANT TO DRIVE THE CLINIC, GO TO THE CLINIC SECTION AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST FIRST!!!! There’s deals to be had if you’re driving for more than just one day!

Health and Safety Guidelines

Similar health and safety regulations that are being used everywhere, will be in place. 

These guidelines apply to both Opening Moves and the Clinic. If you do not follow these guidelines, you will be asked to leave without refund. These are to keep everyone safe, so don’t screw it up for everyone else.

  • Social distancing whenever possible
  • Where a mask when you’re in close contact with other people – so when you get to the track to check in, when you come through tech, when we do drivers meeting, when you go to the bathroom, please put on a mask for everyone’s benefit.  All other times, you don’t need it but are free to wear one if you want. 
  • No touching – you might be comfortable but other people might not be, so hugs, high fives, wedgies, etc should be saved for later
  • Wash your hands, like actually wash your hands and do it more often than normal
  • No viruses allowed – so if you’re sick, any kind of sick, don’t come, if you’ve been in contact recently with someone who has the virus, don’t come, if you even think something is wrong, don’t come, just stick it out a little longer and come back when you’re feeling great

Opening Moves – June 6, 2020

This event is open to all drivers. As always, make sure your car passes tech. If it does not pass, you will not be allowed on track. Registration will NOT be refunded if you can not pass tech. The rules can be found here:

The Rules


This event is going to have a much different layout/schedule than any other event. Due to the restrictions, we will only be running one group at a time and there will be staggered entry and exit times for each group. The schedules below are group specific, so please read carefully. You will not be allowed into the facility before the time listed here for your group.

For this event, it is very important that you arrive on time and that you leave on time. I wish everyone could hang out all day but that is not how things can work this time. You and any crew that is with you must arrive together and should be in the same vehicle. We do not have the time or space to have your 3 crew members each bring their own car. And you and your crew must leave by the time specified for your group.

Saturday – C Group
Gates open – 8:00 AM
Tech opens – 8:30 AM
Driver’s Meeting – 9:45 AM
Drifting starts – 10:00 AM
Drifting ends – 1:00 PM
Must leave pits by 2:00 PM

Saturday – B Group
Gates open – 11:30 AM
Tech opens – 12:00 PM
Driver’s Meeting – 1:15 PM
Drifting starts – 1:30 PM
Drifting ends – 4:30 PM
Must leave pits by 5:30 PM

Saturday – A Group
Gates open – 3:00 PM
Tech opens – 3:30 PM
Driver’s Meeting – 4:45 PM
Drifting starts – 5:00 PM
Drifting ends – 8:00 PM
Must leave pits by 9:00 PM

Drivers meetings are mandatory. You must attend the drivers meeting before you can get out on the course. This is for your safety and it goes for everyone.


Preregistration is required for this event.
$160 to drive.
Space is limited to 25 drivers per group due to current restrictions.

Preregistration will be open until Friday, June 5th at noon unless it sells out before.

Spectators will not be able to attend this one. But each driver is allowed to bring up to 3 crew members or family with them. Crew must be prepaid at the time of driver registration. In the drop down for your group, there are options to sign up 0-3 crew members. It is $20 per crew member. Pick the appropriate option in the drop down and provide the names of the crew members in the paypal note. If you do not enter them in the note, you need to email us at so that we can add them. If they are not on the list at the gate, they will not be allowed in.

Use the button below to register to drive. Make sure to include all required information. Registration is open from now until Friday, June 5th at noon. Any issues with payment email Club Loose.

By Registering below, you are confirming that you have read the Rulebook and meet all requirements and will comply with all additional safety requirements listed above.
If you want to drive the Clinic, read the clinic section first before signing up. No deals for people who can’t read.

Make sure that you are using the correct Payment link for the group that you are in.

Driver/Crew – A Group Session

Driver/Crew – B Group Session

Driver/Crew – C Group Session

If you register and something happens, registration can be transferred to another event if you let us know before the event starts. You need to email us at After the event, there is nothing that we can do and you will forfeit your registration payment. To cancel registration, you need to notify us at least 3 days before the event.

Ride Alongs

We will not be doing ride alongs at this event.

Social Media

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Use hashtags like #clubloose, #OpeningMoves and other ones like that so we can see what you’re up to and share your posts if they’re cool.

Support Team

Don’t forget about all the rad stuff offered to our drivers by the Club Loose Support Team. Tires, parts, safety gear, wheels and more! Check out the link below for the full list of companies that are part of the program.
Support Team Main Page

Intermediate Clinic – June 7, 2020

Sunday is an intermediate clinic and open to B group drivers only.

We have seen a lot of B group drivers getting close to having it figured out and we are here to help. Some need a little help with their line, some need to play with their car so they aren’t fighting it and some just need to go faster. We are planning on working on all of this.

Registration will be limited so don’t wait to sign up. This will be a smaller group so that everyone can get the seat time and instruction that they need.

This is NOT a spectator event. DO NOT bring your old lady or your buddy or anything like that. Just bring yourself, your car, a big stack of tires and a desire to shred. If you attempt to bring any additional people with you, they will not be allowed in the facility.

Cars and drivers must pass tech. You need to make sure you have a legal helmet, all the safety gear and everything else required in the rulebook to drive an event. The rules can be found here:

The Rules

If you have questions about the rulebook, EMAIL US.


Gates Open (be at the track by 8:30 at the latest) – 8:00AM
Tech and staff constructively criticizing cars – 9:00AM
Drivers Meeting – 9:30AM
Track walk, road course stuff, drifting stuff, etc – 10:00AM
Go Home – 5PM


This event is for B group drivers only.
Space is limited and this will fill up quickly.
It is $160 to drive.

Use the button below to register to drive. Make sure to include all required information. Registration is open from now until it is full. Any issues with payment email Club Loose.

If you would also like to drive Opening Moves, email and we will provide instructions for how to sign up at a discounted rate. Please include proof of your clinic registration before emailing us. P.S. if you drive Opening Moves, you can sleep over at the track on Saturday night.

This will show as sold out when the clinic is full. Email to be placed on the wait list.

Because this is a clinic and space is limited and this is short notice, there will be no transfers or cancellations unless there are legitimate extenuating circumstances. If that happens, email us at as soon as possible and we will help sort it out. Registration cannot be transferred to another event or to another driver without approval.

IF you DO NOT follow the guidelines listed above to cancel and DO NOT show up to the event, you WILL NOT be refunded.

If you have any questions, please contact Club Loose.
See you dudes soon!