Surprise Moves!!!

Surprise Moves
June 20, 2020
Englishtown Raceway Park

Welcome to the third and final week of our 2020 comeback tour. What seems like many years ago, this weekend was going to be something very different but then stuff happened. So we’re taking advantage of the state getting further into opening and we’re going to Party!!!

For this Saturday, we are going to be running all groups on the Road Course during the day and then bringing A group over to the new Stadium to help break it in. Space is limited for all groups so do not wait to register.

Sneaky Pete’s will be open all day and there will be a Beer Garden at the Stadium for anyone that wants to come and check things out. Mr. C’s Food Truck will also be there making amazing fat sandwiches (hint…Try the Fat Club Loose if you like it spicy).

We are going back to a mostly normal schedule for this event. And all groups will be able to show up at the same time. The times may be a little different than normal due to everything that we have planned and will be updated here as drivers sign up.

Limits on the number of crew have been raised and crew tickets will now be sold through Raceway Park’s website. The link is in the registration section below.

Health and Safety Guidelines

Similar health and safety regulations that are being used everywhere, will be in place. 

These are the guidelines for everyone who will be attending the event. If you do not follow these guidelines, you will be asked to leave without refund. These are to keep everyone safe, so don’t screw it up for everyone else.

  • Social distancing whenever possible – we are loosening things up but that doesn’t mean that you can bunch up in large groups in the pits or stands
  • Wear a mask when you’re in close contact with other people – so when you get to the track to check in, when you come through tech, when we do drivers meeting, when you go to the bathroom, please put on a mask for everyone’s benefit.  All other times, you don’t need it but are free to wear one if you want. 
  • No touching – you might be comfortable but other people might not be, so hugs, high fives, wedgies, etc should be saved for later
  • Wash your hands, like actually wash your hands and do it more often than normal
  • No viruses allowed – so if you’re sick, any kind of sick, don’t come, if you’ve been in contact recently with someone who has the virus, don’t come, if you even think something is wrong, don’t come, just stick it out a little longer and come back when you’re feeling great

Event Details

This event is open to all drivers. As always, make sure your car passes tech. If it does not pass, you will not be allowed on track. Registration will NOT be refunded if you can not pass tech. The rules can be found here:

The Rules


Saturday – Road Course
Gates open – 8:00 AM
Tech opens – 9:00 AM
Driver’s Meeting – 11:00 AM
Drifting starts – Road Course – 11:15 AM
Drifting ends – Road Course – 5:00 PM
Drifting starts – Stadium – 5:00 PM
Drifting ends – Stadium – 7:00 PM

Drivers meetings are mandatory. You must attend the drivers meeting before you can get out on the course. This is for your safety and it goes for everyone.


Only online registration will be available for this event for both drivers and crew.

$160 to drive.
Space is limited due to current restrictions.
Registration will be open until Friday, June 19th at Noon.

Crew tickets must be purchased in advance and are available at the Raceway Park Web Store:

Use the button below to register to drive. Make sure to include all required information. Registration is open from now until Friday, June 19th at Noon. Any issues with payment email Club Loose.

Select Driver Group
Will you pass tech???

If you register and something happens, registration can be transferred to another event if you let us know before the event starts. You need to email us at After the event, there is nothing that we can do and you will forfeit your registration payment. To cancel registration, you need to notify us at least 3 days before the event.

Ride Alongs

We will be doing Ride Alongs but they will be limited to immediate family members, roommates, lovers and brothers from another mother.

We are going to be selling ride along wristbands. Passengers will need to arrange with the driver they are planning on riding with. Passenger must by 18 years old. The passenger must have a helmet and attire that meets Club Loose rules, i.e. SA2015 (less than 5 years old) or SA2020 closed face or better in acceptable condition and long pants, closed toe shoes and shirts with sleeves. The vehicle must have an approved seating configuration based on the rulebook. We are currently limiting this to A group drivers so that means a containment/head restraint seat or HANS device and harness that are not expired. Passenger wristbands will be $20/person and available at the Club Loose Merch Tent or the Mansion or Sneaky Pete’s(we will announce at drivers meeting).

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Support Team

Don’t forget about all the rad stuff offered to our drivers by the Club Loose Support Team. Tires, parts, safety gear, wheels and more! Check out the link below for the full list of companies that are part of the program.
Support Team Main Page

If you have any questions, please contact Club Loose.
See you dudes soon!