Congrats to new Group B drivers!!

On July 30th, we had another Wednesday night Group C only event. A lot of the Group C guys and girl are really starting to get better and I’m really happy to see that. We were able to move up a bunch of dudes to Group B.

Jay Cyr aka Black240ct

Evan Gray aka EvBot DET

Brian Ketphanh aka FiveStarsDrifter

Thomas Moore aka Slappythehomelessclown

John Trace aka Trace1

Kris Doroba aka soosh

And there’s another great chance for the rest of the people still in Group C to get moved up to B this weekend. We are having a Group C Clinic at E-town this Saturday, August 9th. Gates open at 9, be there before 9 and ready to drive by the time we have the mandatory driver’s meeting at 9:30. Cost is $75/driver. Please have a working e-brake and welded or clutch type diff. If not, we will make fun of you mercilessly.

And thanks to GregV for the sweet pics. He will be uploading these and many more to the Loosemoves Gallery in the very near future, so be sure to check it out.