East Coast BASH!!!!!!! August 16th, 2008

So this is going to be the biggest and best event the East Coast has ever seen. It’s on E-town’s super sweet road course and will be attended by the best drivers this side of the mississippi. If you miss out, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

So come out and have more fun than you could imagine at a drift event. Besides the amazing drifting action, E-town will be setting up a Beer Garden for us, that’s right, BEER. Who doesn’t love beer? So along with a chance to watch and hang out with some awesome drivers, you have the chance to get drunk while watching them do their thing.

And we’re going to have some other surprises lined up for spectators and drivers. This is the event that you can not miss.

Now for the details, event is from 10AM until 8PM, that means 10 hours of super sweet drifty action. Gates open for the drivers at 9AM and for the spectators at 10AM. Spectator cost is $15. It is $100 to drive and open to Clubloose Group A and B drivers. If you are an out of towner and want to drive and are at the level of our A and B drivers, email clubloose@gmail.com and be ready to prove that you can drive. Vouches from people that we like count for a lot.

For the approved drivers we are doing prepay for this event unlike our normal events. There will be no paying at the gate to drive, this event is prepay or nothing. Paypal payments can be sent to clubloose@gmail.com. Since we’re using paypal and they charge 3% it would be great if you guys could chip in the extra $3 otherwise we will have to eat it and it may mean less sweet stuff for everyone. Do not send paypal payments if you are not a group A or B driver or an out of towner approved to drive.

So that’s the deal, there’s the info, so come out on the 16th and it will be awesome. Check the forum for more info and annoucements. There’s also a lot of sweet flyers and Slavik made some sweet promo videos.

Here’s one of them. Check it out and get excited because the event is going to be a million times better than this.

One of Slavik’s Sweet promo videos

If you have any questions, concerns, etc that aren’t addressed here or on the threads in the forum, email me at clubloose@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Just don’t ask dumb questions.

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