East Coast Bash .. In all its glory.

Its been over but i still have the taste in my mouth. The taste of tire smoke that is. Clubloose threw the party and EVERYONE CAME!…. For once. To recap things a little, this is how it went.

We got a late start due to some mix ups with the E-town staff. We got there to find a lake on the track. You will see this in some pictures later, but for serious it had to be like 3-4 ft deep in some parts. Thank god it didn’t interfere with the drifting, it actually made for some AWESOME photos for the tons of photographers that were there.

A Group was fired up after the drivers meeting and tech got finished. They hit the track with a BANg. We were runnign 2 tracks at the same time leaving it up to the drivers to hit what they wanted, when they wanted. Dudes who could keep track said they got close to 15- 30 runs an hour.. thats unreal. Brian from MA Motorsports fame said “dude, i went through 12 Pairs of brand new Dunlop DZ101’s”. I believe that too look at the smoke coming off of this mean machine.
B group hit the track next and put it down. Not even phazed by the beer troll lurking on the track. Here she is holding it down after a long day in the hot sun.

All in all it was great event. Clubloose would like to thank all the drivers who made the trek, Englishtown Raceway Park for letting us have this day of awesome, R/T Tuning for track support and the spectators for supporting grass roots drifting. Thanks gang .

Loose Moves has tons of media up from this event.