Friday night Go Kart fun times, last advanced day of the year, 10/24/08

So we had set up an awesome course layout for the Advanced event that was scheduled for the October 1st, but due to the weather and the track shutting down (one of the only 2 times this has ever happened in Clubloose History), we didn’t get to use it.

But there’s another chance, October 24th, Friday night, on the go kart track, under the lights, last A/B only event of the season. Gates open at 5pm, $75 to drive, $12 or 15 to watch (I can never remember) and event goes until 10pm.

So everyone needs to come out and drive or if you aren’t in A/B group, come out to hang out and watch these guys drive. There should be some pretty sweet tandem action under the nice lights for the go kart track.

Oh and it’s on a Friday night, so take a half day from work and get out there, I don’t want to hear any excuses. So come down and drive or hang out if you can’t drive and then maybe something awesome will be happening after the event, but you’ll only know if you’re there.