After the Bible Burner

If you missed this event, I feel bad for you. This event had a little bit of everything and a lot of awesome on top of that. Drifting, partying, great people, U-god, etc. There’s just too much to even try and list it all.

This event was a benefit for the daughter of our fallen brother, Rich Bible. We were able to raise $2500 to donate to her trust. Englishtown added $1000 to that which was really awesome of them to do. JR was able to raise money for Camila by giving ride alongs. There were lots of Under Destruction and DA shirt sales with the profits going to Camila. So all in all it was a very successful event.

Besides the money that we were able to donate, many people helped out along the way to make this happen. Stan from the Vinyl Shoppe donated the tech stickers that can be seen on all the driver’s car. Nexen Tire USA started working with us right before this event to help provide awesome tires to our drivers at great prices.

So whether you were there or not, make sure to check out Loose Moves ( for the pictures and videos from the weekend.

Until the next one…