New CL Sponsor Liquid Powder Coats

So things in the off season are heating up! After a series of emails and IM’s Clubloose has a new sponsor! We would like to welcome Liquid Powder Coats in Yardley PA To the CL family!

They hopped on board to sponsor our drivers through a generous discount plan on powder coating. Now think about what this means… I have seen some pretty haggard wheels out there on the track. This is a way to get in and get your wheels done and looking fresh for 2010. But why stop on wheels? There are tons of things to powder coat in your engine bay, Interior and beyond. Face it,if its metal,it should be some wacky color. Apparently LPC has like 7000 to choose from.. So stop on by, bring something metal,and get it covered in a radical color. Look at the work these dudes do… AMAZING!

Look at this color… i want my wheels done in this real bad!
Liquid Powder Coats
Telephone: 267.907.2686
Address: 1760 Yardley Langhorne Road Yardley, PA 19067