Clubloose Clothing Line DROPS!….Ok we just had one shirt made!

So,here at Clubloose we slack big time…. I know ….We have our plates full in the off season scheduling, meeting with this guy or that guy,phone calls and emails Blah Blah.. So much so that this actually turned into a “get by with a little help from your friends” situation… Thank god we have good friends.

2009’s Gunner of the Year John Wagner cruised by our OTHER friends at Commonwealth Press and magic’ed up some CL t-shirts. Im not 100% sure what we are gonna do with them. I might burn them, I might put them in a time capsule. Who knows. All i know is we only got a few made.. So if you somehow get your paws on one.. Consider yourself lucky. This is what they look like… Jealous?

Thank You Friends!… Its good to know we still got you!