HTL Round 3 @ Freedom Moves – September 11

The 3rd Round of Hold The Line will be held during Freedom Moves on Sunday September 11th.

Price to drive both days of Freedom Moves and compete in HTL is $315.
Price to drive just Sunday and compete in HTL is $212.
Paypal is like always.

I know its a little more money than payouts but we added something really cool for this round of HTL…PAYOUTS! We are paying out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 1st gets 62.5%, 2nd gets 25% and third gets 12.5%. The total payout amount is based on the number of drivers. Each driver adds $25 to the pot. So more drivers means a bigger payout.

For example, with 16 drivers, that’s $400 split between the top 3.
1st gets $250.
2nd gets $100.
3rd gets $50

All A group stuff is required for HTL since it’s a competition. Cages, suits, etc. We’ll probably run on the back course again, since that went well and was fun. There will be a little practice, then quick qualifying, then the competition and then back to fun.

Driving on Saturday and having a lot of fun and partying with everyone Saturday night will only help your qualifying score. We are thinking of doing a hungover factor multiplier. for more information on Hold the Line.