Some sweet things lined up Freedom Moves

We have a couple quick announcements before Freedom Moves. We have a few new companies getting involved for this event offering money and prizes for a couple fun contests as well as some additional prize money for the winners of Round 3 of HTL. It’s really awesome to get this kind of involvement from these companies, so to keep this kind of stuff going, we need everyone to show their support and hopefully we can make more things like this happen in the future.

First up, JR hooked us up with Monster Energy Drink and they will be throwing down some money to the winner of the Monster Entry Challenge and the winner of the Closest to the Table Game. Each winner will be getting $200 hand delivered by JR courtesy of Monster.

Monster will also be at the track hanging out and offering samples of the latest flavors that they have come up with. So stop by, high 5 JR and grab a drink.

Next we’ve got a Universal Hydraulic E-brake from ASD. This piece from ASD is really nice, uses a Wilwood master cylinder, CNC’d handle, it looks sweet and works sweeter. It will definitely help whoever wins it lock up those rear tires whenever they need them to.

Also, Kenda gave us a pair of tires to give away. If you win, you will get a sweet certificate and you’ll get to pick the size you want. So you’ll have a nice new pair of tires for the next time out to the track.

Finally, FUELEDmag and Import2Race will be covering the event and adding $300 to the prize money for the Hold the Line competition.

So please remember to show your appreciation to these guys for helping us out. It is really great to see them getting involved to help out our drivers.