Yooooooo drivers! Listen up!

Alright guys just some last minute reminders.

Gates open at 9 on Saturday. We have a lot of drivers so we might try and open them a little early. So if you are there early make sure to get in a line so we can get you through quick. Also leave a lane for track people to use so they don’t have to fight through you to get to the gate and be able to let you in.

There is no camping inside the gate on Friday night. So don’t show up and try and sneak in early or give us some sob story about needing to set up or something. There is plenty of time on Saturday for everything.

Due to the amount drivers coming and the space we have, only drift cars are allowed in the pit area unless the car is on a trailer. So if you are not trailering your car, try and fit as much in it as possible. Support vehicles will not be allowed in at the gate, even to just drop thing off because people never bring them back out.

Show up with tires mounted and ready to run. We want to get started as early as possible and don’t want a line at the tire machine before cars even go on track.

For after the event, we are going to party but I don’t want anyone being a dickhead. At ecb someone was throwing bottles and if I found them I would murder them. If you see anyone doing shit like that or something destructive to someone else’s shit, I expect you to stop them. Thankfully we haven’t had any major incidents, but if something did happen it could have a lot of bad implications for club loose and the fun we have at these events. So keep that in mind.

Other than that, bring your friends and let’s have some fun.

See everyone on Saturday.