Ride with Pro Drifters and Help Homeless Dogs at the same time…

Are you bummed that you don’t have a car to drive for East Coast Bash but you want to experience the thrill of being out on track? Well here’s your chance to get out on there in the car with a Formula D driver. Chris Forsberg and Tony Angelo will be offering ride-alongs on both Saturday and Sunday of ECB. All proceeds from these rides will be going to aid homeless animals in New Jersey, a cause near and dear to everyone at Club Loose.

Chris will be piloting his 4-door, 4-seater Infiniti M56. This thing is rad. You and two other people can get a chance to have Chris take you around the front track at E-town in this thing. I mean look at how much fun these people are having!

Tony will be driving the same car that he will be competing in at FormulaD this coming weekend. Just one seat in this machine but it’s one awesome ride. And just think how cool it will be to cheer on Tony at FormulaD and then hop in the same car the next weekend with him for a lap around E-town?

Now for the details.

Using the Paypal setup below, you can sign up for a ride in one, or both, of these rad vehicles.
Preregistration pricing is $33 per seat.
Preregistration be open until we run out of seats or until Wednesday, June 27th, at midnight.
After this closes, any available seats will be available for purchase at East Coast Bash for $40. So save some money and sign up early.

From the drop down on the Paypal thing, pick which car and which time slot you want. If you want to go in the M56 at the same time as your friends, register for 3 people at the same time so that we can plan for that. If you do not do that, we can not guarantee that you will be able to go at the same time. Sign up for as many time slots and both cars if you want. Or just pick one and go for it.

All passengers must have long pants, shirts with sleeves (short sleeves are OK) and closed toe shoes. This is NJ State Rules and exceptions will not be made. Passengers must be 18 years or older. Loaner helmets will be available but feel free to bring your own helmet for the ride as long as it passes Club Loose Rules (SA2005 or better).

So that’s about it, just register below and get ready to have some fun.

Select Car and Time Slot

If you have any questions or problems, please contact clubloose@gmail.com.