Club Loose does NJMP…again!!!! July 21, 2012

We’re going back!!! Back to the high-speed, wide-open, almost launching into the clouds track known as the Lightning Circuit at NJMP!

We will be on track at the same time as Rally America Rallycross Round 2 is using another part of the track. So we won’t get to hot lap, but the fun parts are ours. And we will get to run the track in both directions, something a little different than we did the first time that we were there.

It will be $160 to drive. This event is open to everyone. Registration is open from today until Wednesday, July 18 at midnight.

There are a bunch of options for spectator tickets. Car-load tickets are available for $30 for cars with 6 or less people in them. These are available online and you must buy them before June 18th. Online pre-sale tickets are $15. At the gate, they’re $20.
Go here to purchase tickets: NJMP Spectator Tickets

To register to drive, use the Paypal button below.

Gates open at 7AM.
Drivers Meeting at 9AM.
Drifting starts at 9:15AM.
Drivers Meeting for everyone who couldn’t show up on time is at 11:30PM.
Drifting stops at 5:00PM.

Drivers meeting is mandatory. You must attend the drivers meeting before going on track. If you miss the drivers meeting at 10AM for any reason, there will be a second drivers meeting later in the day. If you do not attend either drivers meeting, you will not be allowed on track.

Tech will be open from 7:30AM until 10AM. Your car must be inspected and pass tech before going out on to the track. All rules must be met, no exceptions will be given especially regarding safety equipment such as fire extinguishers or the correctly rated helmet. Make sure your car and equipment will pass tech before coming to the event. No refunds will be given for cars that do not pass.

The rules can be found here: 2012 Rules.

Also check out NJMP’s site for more info about what is going on this weekend!
July 21st at NJMP

Nexen tires are available for ordering for the event. They can be picked up at Allen Rubber. For more information, check the thread on the forum, Nexen and Club Loose together for 2012!

Registration can be cancelled up to 3 days before the event. After that, registration can only be transferred to another event as long as notice is sent to Club Loose no later than 6PM the night before the event.

If you have any questions, please contact Club Loose.