Wednesdays are So the Last 10 Years

“It’s a school night”
“I have an early meeting”
“The parking lot is full of car breaking potholes”
“It’s too far to drive on a weeknight”

New this year is our response to those excuses. The previous years’ Night Moves events which we have been holding on Wednesday nights in the parking lot for the last 10 years are no more. The parking lot has served us well over the years and helped to build a lot of great drivers but we have outgrown it.

Friday is the new Wednesday and it’s a party. We will be on the road course. There will be lights. The bar will be open. The tunes will be rocking. It will be a good time.

The road course has proven itself as a great place to learn and progress for drivers of all skill levels from beginners to the most advanced of our drivers. Being on the road course will give us the ability to give our drivers more runs and get more track time than they were able to in the parking lot. It also provides a much better view of the course for spectating and puts the spectators in the middle of all the action. Along with all the driving on course, we have some plans for the pits and spectator area to really bring everyone together. It will be a much more fun atmosphere for everyone. Moving the day from Wednesday to Friday should also allow for more drivers to justify making the trip to Englishtown and not have to worry about a rushing to get home after a night of drifting and partying. And like any good party, adult refreshments will be available at the bar so that will make bringing your friends and your old lady to come and hang out a much easier sale. Plus the bar will stay open after the event for everyone to relax, enjoy a drink and have some good times with friends.

The first Friday Night Drift Party will be May 3rd. Pricing and more details will be posted soon.