2013 Rule book

No major changes this year, so everyone who passed last year should have no issues.

We will be cracking down hard on the simple stuff this year. Mainly stuff like having an SA2005 helmet, a fire extinguisher in the car and mounted properly, wheels that aren’t black, battery tie downs, tow hooks, brake master heat shields and anything fuel related. Black wheels will just get you ridiculed and you might have to spend some time in the stocks but for everything else, you won’t be allowed on track until it is fixed. There will be no refunds if your car does not pass tech.

Any questions or issues with the rules should be addressed before you get to the track. Please use the contact form on the website or email us at clubloose@gmail.com with your questions. No exceptions will be made during tech inspection, so figure it out before you get to the track and you won’t have anything to worry about.

The rule book is below. So read it over, download a copy, print it out, tape it to your car and make sure you don’t miss anything. Also, make sure to check out our sponsors for upcoming deals to help you get ready for the coming season.

[gview file=”http://www.clubloose.com/CLRules2013.pdf”]