E-town – May 18 – plus USDrift Pro/Am


Gates open at 8AM.
Mandatory Drivers Meeting at 10AM (show up on time or you don’t get to drive)
Drifting starts at 10:15AM.
Drifting ends at 6PM.

Tech will be open from 8AM-Noon. Your car must pass through tech before you can get on track. All rules must be met, no more exceptions. The rules can be found here: 2013 Rules. Make sure that you have an SA2005 or SA2010 helmet. Motorcycle helmets are not allowed. You have more than enough time to order one, so do it now. That has been the biggest offense so far this year and will no longer be allowed. All of the other rules are just as important, so just double check the rulebook before you come out and you will have no issues.

Drivers meetings are mandatory. You must attend the drivers meeting before you can get out on the course. This is for your safety and it goes for everyone. Drivers meeting is scheduled for 10 but we will always try and do it a little earlier so that we can get out on track. So be prepared when you get there. We are not planning on having a make-up drivers meeting, so show up on time and ready.

We will be having both our normal Club Loose fun as well as the US Drift Pro/AM.

Club Loose Registration

For the Club Loose part of it, it is $160 to drive for the day. Use the button below to register to drive. Make sure to include all required information. Registration is open from now until Wednesday, May 15th at midnight. No late registrations will be accepted. We will just take your money and spend on something fun. So get your payment in before the deadline. Any issues with payment email Club Loose.

Make sure to also enter your driver group. We need this for planning out the schedule so that we can get you guys the most amount of track time. So the better we know how many people are in each group, the easier it will be for us.

Driver Group (Required)

It is $15 to spectate for the day. Pay at the gate.

Registration can be cancelled up to 3 days before the event. After that, registration can only be transferred to another event as long as notice is sent to Club Loose no later than 6PM the night before the event.

US Drift Pro/AM Registration

For the USDrift Pro/AM, go here to register: US Drift Registration. All other info for the Pro/Am can be found on the US Drift Site. The schedule and other info will be emailed out after you sign up. We are planning on running the competition at the same time as A group is out on track to make the best use of time.

Go Drifting or Go To Hell!

And finally, remember to tag your Instagram posts of you getting ready for the track or working on your car or driving at the track with #godrifting. And then visit Go Drifting or Go to Hell! to see what everyone else is up to.

If you have any questions, please contact Club Loose.