2014 Club Loose Rulebook

The Rulebook has been updated and finalized. This rulebook will apply for all Club Loose events at all of the venues we will be working with this year.

There are a few changes across the board and a few specific to certain venues. There are also exceptions to some of the rules based on venue and they are clearly listed in the rulebook. Each driver must meet the rules that apply to the venue. So if you are driving NHMS events and always pass tech but come down to E-town and your helmet doesn’t pass tech, that will be an issue. So make sure to review and understand the rules ahead of time.

The biggest change really only affects the Englishtown events. Open face helmets are no longer allowed. SA2010 helmets are required although we will allow SA2005 helmets that were manufactured after 03/2008. Helmets should be replaced every 5 years due to the breakdown of materials and normal wear and tear. The New Jersey State Police are also cracking down on helmet requirements for all motorsports events which is the reason that we can no longer allow open face helmets. For Club Loose II and Club Loose North the helmet requirements remain the same as they were last year. But next year, SA2005 helmets will not be allowed anywhere, so if you’re purchasing a new helmet, get an SA2010 or SA2015 if they are released soon.

Everything else should be straightforward and it’s nothing new. The simple stuff and safety requirements will not be allowed to slide. So do not show up at the track with something dumb not taken care of. The rulebook is getting longer but we didn’t want to over complicate it so we did not add every single detail. But if you show up with something broken or unsafe, you will not be allowed on track. The decision will be up to the tech inspector and whining and crying will get you nowhere with them.

A new section was added to the rulebook this year giving and explanation of the Driver Groups. The program that we have run based on these groups has helped to grow many drivers from beginners to rippers. So we know it works and it is important for the growth of everyone as drivers.

Any questions or issues with the rules should be addressed before you get to the track. Please use the contact form on the website or email us at clubloose@gmail.com with your questions. If you have questions specific to Club Loose II or Club Loose North, direct email contact info is listed at the end of the Rulebook. No exceptions will be made during tech inspection, so figure it out before you get to the track and you won’t have anything to worry about.

The rulebook page is linked below. So read it over, download a copy, print it out, tape it to your car and make sure you don’t miss anything.

The Rules

And finally, get ready to rip because this season will be here in no time!