Media rules and Application for 2014

Media rules and media pass application for the 2014 season are live and updated. Go here to access them:

Media Rules and App.

It’s a pretty simple process so shouldn’t have any problems. If you do, contact the appropriate people listed in the rules.

We always have a ton of awesome media coming from everyone and can’t wait to see what you guys come up with this year. We have been working in the off season to add a little more structure to our gallery on Loose Moves and should be rolling out some updates in the next couple weeks. Hopefully this will make it easier to upload pictures and for everyone to go through and browse your shots. We also have the Club Loose channel on Vimeo where we are posting a lot of the videos you guys are making. So that will be the best place to keep them linked and will be updated as videos come out after each event.

Vimeo Channel
Loose Moves Gallery (updates not live yet but check it out anyway)