CLN – Camping and Ride-along announcement!


Camping will be available at NHMS infield! This is run by NHMS and the pricing is as follows:

$25 For a Trailer with Electrical and Water hookups

$15 For Tent camping

This is all done at the infield. Campers are expected to adhere to all NHMS rules and direction and must keep their site clean and tidy. More info is available at the NHMS site here.


Ride-a-longs will be available! Rider Wristbands will be available for $25 in addition to your entry fee. This may be purchased at the Driver’s meeting. Passengers must adhere to all driver rules in the Clubloose Rulebook. All Riders MUST attend the Driver’s meeting. If you are unable to make it to the meeting, beg for forgiveness and maybe we will show pity on your wretched soul, brief you, and allow you to purchase said wristband.


If you would like to be able to take ride a long passengers you must ask the Tech Inspector on duty to approve your car and you must be a A-group class driver. Cars must have the proper safety equipment for any passengers in regards to the driving group they will be in.


-Joe, Clubloose North