Freedom Moves 2013 – August 31/September 1 – E-town!

Can you believe it’s already time for Freedom Moves? It’s another change to spend 2 whole days ripping up the Englishtown road course and partying into the night.

Registration is now open and space is limited. We are going to keep the numbers down a little this year so that everyone gets a ton of track time. Each group will be limited to 40 drivers per day. Since it’s Freedom Moves, B and C group will not be sharing the track. The track will still be split but it each group will get their own time. The schedule we will be using will give each group about 4 hours of track time on Saturday and a little less on Sunday. This seemed to work pretty well at ECB this year and everyone got a bunch of time on track.

Spectator tickets are $15 for one day or $25 for the whole weekend. Sneaky Pete’s will be open serving drinks for all spectators and drivers when they are done for the day. There will be food stands serving some delicious meals. We will have some shops and other vendors there with some stuff set up. We will have some new and some old Club Loose merch available for sale. And there’s going to be a ton of rad cars and dudes there to hang out with. What more could you ask for in a weekend?

This is a long post with a lot of information. Read the whole thing to insure that you will not have any issues at the track. No excuses for not following something written here or in the rulebook, you will be punished for not reading. So take the time to go through it. Ignorance is not an excuse.


Use the Paypal button below to register. Registration is open until we hit our limits or Thursday, August 29 at 11:59PM. Late payments will not be accepted and probably won’t be refunded. Depending on driver numbers, we might extend registration but at a penalty price but it’s going to be a bit more money, so sign up on time. If there are any issues email us at


Paypal has also been bugging us about letting you guys know about Bill Me Later. When you register, you will have this option. You can finance your payment for 6 months without having to pay any interest if it is all paid off by the end of that time or something like that. Either way, it means that even if you’re broke now, you can still register. So now there’s even less excuses.


Drop off from 5pm until 8pm.
Drop off your rig or your car and get a good spot in the pits.
You cannot stay overnight on Friday.
This is just so that you can leave your stuff and make it quicker to check-in and get to tech on Saturday morning.
There is no hanging out. Just go to where we tell you, drop off and leave.
Do not show up before 5pm or after 8pm. There will be no one to open the gate and let you in.

Gates open at 7AM.
Drivers Meeting at 10AM.
Drifting starts at 11AM-Noon depending on stuff.
Gates open for spectators at Noon.
Drifting stops at 10:00PM.
Partying stops at 2AM.

Gates open at 8AM.
Gates open for spectators at 10AM.
Drivers Meeting at 10AM.
Drifting starts at 10:15AM.
Drifting stops at 6PM.
Then we go home.

Drivers Meeting

Drivers meeting is mandatory. You must attend the drivers meeting before going on track. If you miss the drivers meeting at 10AM for any reason, there might be a second drivers meeting later in the day but don’t count on it. If you do not attend the drivers meeting, you will not be allowed on track.

Driver Groups

When you are registering make sure that you are picking the right group. Driving in the right group gives you and all of the other drivers in the group the best experience on track. Trying to drive in a group that you are not ready for is dangerous and will not happen. We don’t want to have to knock anyone down from A to B or B to C but we will if it poses a risk to other drivers both in regards to safety and track time.

A Group is for the dudes that have all the required safety equipment, meaning firesuit, shoes, gloves, appropriate roll cage, etc. These are the guys that have no issues making it around the track and are working on getting closer to other cars and running a better, faster line. Just because you have a roll cage does not put you in A group. If you have not been moved to A group by one of the staff, you are still in B group. If you snuck into A group at prior events, it doesn’t matter. If you are in B and think that you’re ready for A, tell us and we will watch some of your runs, if we agree, we will move you up. If you think you’re in A but you’re not, then you will be moved back to B, so please be honest with yourself and get in the right group, we don’t want to have to bump people down but we will if needed. A group dudes also need to be talking to each other. There is a variety of different cars, power levels and experience in driving tandem and we expect the drivers to plan who they are driving with and get lined up accordingly. You guys know that there isn’t much space down there so we can’t do any crazy shuffling and keep the line moving at the same time. So you don’t want a dude that should only be following, the first car in line with a couple FD pros in their missile cars. But if you guys aren’t proactive at planning, this could happen and it ends up as a risk for everyone.

B Group dudes are the ones who are making it through the course without issues, i.e. not spinning, not understeering. They are running a good line, maybe not the best line but they are learning. They are starting to go faster and try new things. They may or may not have the right safety equipment to tandem but their skill set is not up to the level just yet. But along the lines with what was written about A group, if you are not supposed to be there and should be with C group, you either need to move yourself or you will get moved by the staff.

C group dudes are the new guys, the guys still learning their cars, learning the track, etc. This is where everyone starts. There’s nothing wrong with being in C group, we were all there. These are the guys working to link the course and start understanding what the right line is. They are figuring out what they need to do in the car to make it work.

And in all cases, moving yourself back a group and then asking us to check out how you’re doing is a million times better than us having to bump you down. There’s a way better chance of moving up a group if you start in the lower group and then talk to us. We’re here to help and are working to continue building the best drivers in the country and we can’t do that if you’re ego outweighs your skills.

Remember, we are here to help. We can instruct and give you tips, you just have to ask. We set up the groups to give a better flow to the event and if we don’t have the right people in each group, it will just slow things down for everyone. This is a long event with a lot of track time, so no matter what group you are in, you will be out on track for a ton of time. We are doing everything that we can to optimize the time you are out there so be ready for it and you will have the opportunity to make a lot of progress throughout the event.

Tech Inspection

Tech will be open from 7:30AM until noon on Saturday and 8:30AM until noon on Sunday. Your car must be inspected and pass tech before going out on to the track. All rules must be met, no exceptions will be given especially regarding safety equipment such as fire extinguishers or the correctly rated helmet. Make sure your car and equipment will pass tech before coming to the event. No refunds will be given for cars that do not pass. For any minor infractions that we decide to allow, you will have to spend some time in the stocks.

The rules can be found here: 2013 Rules.

NEXEN Tire Ordering Info

NEXEN tires are available for ordering for the event. They can be picked up at Allen Rubber or Shipped to the track. For more information check out this thread, Nexen and Club Loose together for 2013,for all ordering information.

Pit Rules and Conduct

There is NO outside alcohol allowed in the pits. There will be plenty of booze at the bar for good prices. Security will be checking cars as they come in. Any alcohol found in cars will be confiscated and either we will drink it or it will be available for you to purchase back at Sneaky Pete’s.

This should go without saying but no drinking and drifting. You can hang out in Sneaky Pete’s if you are a driver but if you are seen with a drink or try and purchase a drink, even if it’s for your old lady or something, you will lose your driver wristband and not be allowed back on track for the rest of the day. This is your only warning.

Pit speed is 5mph everywhere. No burnouts, speeding, driving like an idiot, etc is allowed anywhere in the pits. You will get kicked out with no refund.

Pit space will be tight so if you trailer your car there you will have the option of keeping your truck or your trailer in your pit space. If you drive your car to the track, pack everything that you can in your car because there will not be space for support vehicles in the pits.

Camping will be allowed in the pits on Saturday night only. There is absolutely NO camping on Friday night. Each driver will be allowed 2 people to camp with them on Saturday night. You will receive the 2 guest overnight wristbands when you check in at the gate on Saturday morning. 2-day spectator tickets are required for whoever has these wristbands. The wristbands will be marked with the driver’s name. As a driver, you are responsible for the people that you give them to. If they act like idiots and do something they shouldn’t, you will be punished for it. All spectators without these wristbands will be required to leave by 2AM.

There are NO motorized vehicles allowed to be driver in the pits after drifting ends at 10PM. The only exception is if you are leaving the track. Otherwise there is no reason to even start your drift car or support vehicle.

There are NO other vehicles allowed in the pits at all. No mopeds, scooters, golf carts, etc. You can bring them for the staff to use if you want but you will not be operating them anywhere in the pits. If you are seen driving one, it will be confiscated for our use and will be returned in some state to you at the end of the weekend.

Registration Cancellation or Change

Registration can be cancelled up to 3 days before the event. After that, registration can only be transferred to another event as long as notice is sent to Club Loose no later than 4PM the Friday before the event. If there is no communication before the event starts, then your money is gone and there is nothing that we can do.

Go Drifting or Go To Hell!

And finally, remember to tag your Instagram posts of you getting ready for the track or working on your car or driving at the track with #godrifting. And then visit Go Drifting or Go to Hell! to see what everyone else is up to.

If you have any questions, please contact Club Loose.